At Playground Jiu Jitsu Academy we pride ourselves in providing the absolute highest quality instruction in the area in the arts of Brazilian Jiu Jitsu as well as Kickboxing. We take a strong educational stance, making sure that every class is filled with information, and promotes a steady growth of skills as well as provides a fun, but challenge workout. Whether you have Martial Arts competition in mind, desire to learn valuable self defense skills, or are simply looking for a fun new way to get in shape and to meet new people, we guarantee we have something for you.

Our programs range from Kids Classes to Adult Classes, Beginners Programs to Advanced Training, and run 6 days a week. Our facility is top of the line, with the best quality mats, pads, and training equipment.

The main goal of PJJA is to enrich the lives of our members, through quality training and personal growth both in and out of the gym, but more importantly; we strive to bring together individuals through a common love of the Martial Arts.

The Martial Arts are truly for anyone regardless of age, gender or size. We invite you to come try the Jiu Jitsu and or Kickboxing Lifestyle with us – we guarantee after the first class you’ll know you’re in the right place.